Mobile application for analog photography.

iOS – Apple
Android – Google

           There are a plenty of applications for photography including analog photography. We have decided to create our own one which is focused mainly on photographers using large und Ultra large format. Initially It was developed as application for our own needs and uses but we hope it might be of interest to many others analog photographers. It is absolutely free of charge and has no subscription, advertisement etc.

This is the thrid version of the App and we will be working on further developing it considering both our own needs and your feedback.

In this version there are 5 parts:

1. Time calculator based on The Zone System and sensiometry with compensation for contraction development (known as N-) and expansion development ((known as N+)

2. Exposure compensation calculator based on bellows extension.

3. Calculator of developer and water proportions for High concentrate film developers such as pyro.

4. Conversion focal length of the medium and all famous large format cameras lenses into the 35 mm format.

5. Calculation of exposure, taking into account the influence of the Schwarzschild effect.

We would be happy to get any serious feedback on our work. It would great also if you share with us your ideas how to improve the application, which other parts you would like to add.